GTM US Energy Storage Summit, Dec 12-13, San Francisco

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ESS Inc. is excited to be a gold sponsor of the 2017 GTM US Energy Storage Summit. Craig Evans, CEO will be speaking on the panel: Storage Technologies in 2025 – What Comes After Lithium-Ion on Wednesday, December 13th from 10-10:30am. ESS Inc. will also have a tabletop exhibit, so please be sure to stop by to learn more about the advantages of cleaner, cheaper, long-duration energy storage with no capacity fade.

Storage Technologies in 2025 – What Comes After Lithium-Ion?

Steadily falling lithium-ion battery prices are expected to hit hit $180 per kilowatt-hour by 2020, drastically increasing projections for electric vehicles and boosting the potential for storage to replace peaker plants. In this session, we investigate the next wave of storage chemistries and the future viability of alternative technologies, like Toyota’s plan for solid state battery-powered electric vehicles, ARPA-E’s ambitious technology initiatives, and prospects for other lithium-based batteries.