We are excited to share our new white paper on the transition to a more flexible, valuable, and long-duration storage asset

The transition to a flexible, and valuable, long-duration energy storage asset

Key findings in this white paper include:

  • Smart storage purchasers are beginning to look beyond capital expense to more effective measures of lifetime cost and flexibility.
  • Long-duration storage (LDS)’s capability to seamlessly integrate energy and power applications.
  • Long-duration storage’s ability to provide substantial flexibility in dealing with ever-changing regulatory and legislative landscapes, not to mention commercial volatility.

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What timeframe are you looking to deploy your long-duration storage system?

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The document is based on a recent combination of online questionnaires and in-depth discussions with energy storage procurement decision makers including project developers, utility representatives and consultants. This white paper captures the growing need and focus to combine energy and power applications into a single flexible and longer-duration asset.