ESS provides low-maintenance energy storage solutions for Military applications.

Photo Credit: Sgt. Juan D. Alfonso, U.S. Marine Corps


  • Baseload power, when coupled with RE
  • Silent Watch with power
  • Load following remote grid
  • Operate generators at peak efficiency
  • Energy security

Power and energy are critical elements for forward deployed bases to operate effectively in the modern battlefield. The traditional source of power from fossil fuel generators comes at significant cost and risk from the required huge logistics tail for fuel, heavy maintenance requirements, noise and environmental impact. The military and even Homeland Security has moved toward innovative application of renewable energy (solar and wind) in these applications, but the intermittencies limit their penetration and effectiveness. Coupling renewables with long-duration energy storage solves that problem by together becoming the baseload power source and therby reducing the use of fuel generators.

The All-Iron Flow Battery is an ideal solution for this type of application because it can be forward deployed in a dry state, just adding water at the site, and it is environmentally safe for transport and deployment in sensitive areas. By adding available potable water when the system arrives at the forward base, the weight that has to be moved forward is 70% less than with other flow and traditional batteries. Additionally, with an electrolyte comprised of iron, salt and water, there is no hazard or potential site contamination.


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