It’s Rugged And Turnkey

Housed in a rugged ISO container,
our 50kW/400kWh All-Iron Flow Battery (IFB)

can be transported pre-assembled anywhere

in the world.

50kW/400kWh DatasheetOur Technology


It’s Safe

With a non-toxic, non-hazardous, and completely recyclable iron-based electrolyte, the IFB sets a high bar for safe, reliable and environmentally conscious energy storage.
50kW/400kWh DatasheetOur Technology


It’s Low Cost

Our patented battery design combines plentiful

and extremely cost effective materials with

an innovative cell design that dramatically

increases power density and enables a smaller,

less costly power stack.
50kW/400kWh DatasheetOur Technology


It’s Flexible and High Performing

ESS IFB users can expect over 20,000 cycles at

over 80% depth of discharge during a 25-year

life, with minimal maintenance.

50kW/400kWh DatasheetOur Technology