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PennEnergy, Dec, 13, 2017: ESS Inc. raises $13 million from investor group to drive company expansion and development of its energy storage systems

PV Magazine, Dec 13, 2017: ESS Inc. Amongst the Top 12 Energy Storage Providers in the C&I Sectors

Greentech Media, Dec 12, 2017: More Money flows to flow batteries: ESS nabs $13 million funding round

Energy Storage Report, Dec 13, 2017: Interest in using flow batteries for long-duration storage sees ESS raise $13m

Reuters US News, Dec 12, 2017: BRIEF: ESS Inc Says Received $13 Million in New Series B Funding

Fidelity Investments Research, Dec 12, 2017: ESS Inc. Raises $13 Million From Investor Group to Drive Company Expansion and Deployment of Its Energy Storage Systems

MarketWired, Dec 12, 2017: ESS Inc. Raises $13 Million From Investor Group to Drive Company Expansion and Deployment of its Energy Storage Systems

PRESS RELEASE: ESS Inc. Raises $13 Million From Investor Group to Drive Company Expansion and Deployment of Its Energy Storage Systems

Solar Power World, Dec 4, 2017: What is a flow battery?

Solar Power World, Nov 20, 2017: Go with the flow when it comes to long-duration storage

Energy and Mines, Nov 16, 2017: Microgrids for Mines: Global Perspectives

Energy Storage Report Newsletter, Nov 15, 2017

Press Release: ESS to showcase low cost Iron Flow Battery ideal for long-duration energy storage & microgrid applications at Intersolar 2017

Microgrid Knowledge: Why Energy Storage May Be Bigger Than You Think

Press Release:  March 22, 2017: ESS Inc. Appoints David Lazovsky Chairman of the Board of Directors

Press Release: Nov 16, 2016: ESS Inc.’s All-Iron Flow Battery to Be Deployed in Microgrid Demonstration for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Michael R Niggli, the former president and chief operating officer of San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), joins the board of all-iron flow battery maker ESS Inc.

New Report: ARPA-E’s The First Seven Years includes ESS’ Grid-Scale Rampable Intermittent Dispatchable Storage (GRIDS) project.

Press Release: August 16, 2016: ESS Announces Addition of Michael R. Niggli, Utility Veteran and Former SDG&E President & COO, to Board of Directors.

Press Release: July 26, 2016: ESS marks successful Intersolar 2016, highlighted by microgrid site tour featuring company’s long-duration batteries.

Press Release: June 28, 2016: ESS to Showcase IFB ideal for long duration energy storage and microgrid applications at Intersolar

Press Release: May 11, 2016: ESS’ IFB Operational at Stone Edge Farm Microgrid


WHITE PAPER: BEYOND FOUR HOURS: The Transition to a more flexible, and valuable, long-duration storage asset

Stone Edge Farm Case Study

Fort Leonard Wood Case Study

ESS Corporate One Pager

50kW/400kWh Energy Warehouse Datasheet

Technical Brief: All Iron Flow Battery Overview

Product Photos

2 Energy Warehouse units getting prepped for shipment

ESS product photos for ESS press Kit
An ESS Inc. battery installed and commissioned in less than 2 days at the Stone Edge Farm advanced microgrid in Sonoma, CA.

Each Iron Flow Battery and its AC electronic components are housed in a shipping container for transportability and protection from the elements.

energy storage product image detail for ESS press kit
Our non-corrosive electrolyte enables the use of plentiful and extremely cost-effective materials, combined with an innovative cell design that dramatically increases power density, resulting in a significantly lower cost power stack and greatly reduced annual O&M over the 20+ year life of the system.

All iron flow compared to other battery technologies
The All-iron flow compared to other battery technologies



Stone Edge Farm Advanced Microgrid, Sonoma County, CA.
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Easily sited in an environmentally sensitive area, given its small footprint and non-toxic, non-flammable chemistry, this unit has a 60kWh energy capacity with 10kW, 480VAC, 3-phase interface and supplies power at night, for irrigation or hydrogen generation, & to smooth out intermittencies of solar on the microgrid.

US Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

The battery will be part of an integrated microgrid at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, where they will demonstrate long-duration storage capability for use in Forward Operating Bases (FOB). The U.S. military’s main objective is to show that delivering dry long-duration batteries to the field significantly reduces fuel usage, hauling equipment requirements and associated logistics.

 Download the Fort Leonard Wood Case Study

UC San Diego

An ESS Energy Warehouse being lowered into its site at UC San Diego

Lubbock, Texas

One of ESS’ units about to head to Lubbock Texas where DNVGL will perform validation testing.

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